The brand M.E.C. is deposited in Geneva in 1956 by Giorgio Giovagnoni and distributed as European Common Market watch.
The brand avails oneself of a factories pool scattered to the four corners of the globe, which have among their customers brands of primary importance in watchmaking with an average high product processing.

M.E.C. began marketing its products in national watch-shops and jewelery as brand of traditional watches, always reserving a niche of its productions to the small market of military watches.

Models made in collaboration with the Arditi Incursori Marina National Association

Cronograph Automatic


The characteristics of M.E.C. military watches

M.E.C. gives the maximum in terms of product design, returning wrist and pocket watches characterized by a care that combines aesthetics and functionality.

  • The satin-finished cases prevent light reflections from revealing their position.
  • The hands, or in some cases the entire dial, are treated with luminescent material to ensure good reading even at night.
  • They have double o-ring crowns, screw-locked caseback and thick glass.
  • The straps, made in Italy, are entrusted to artisan firms that pay attention to breathability, impermeability and consistency.
  • They include additional devices, such as chronograph, power reserve, 24-hour function or compass.
  • Each watch is shipped in a case with characteristics corresponding to the product line and the warranty is valid for 2 years.

M.E.C. Collection includes watches with manual winding mechanisms, quartz, only time, automatic and chronographs, with both Swiss production with Eta calibers, Valjoux 7750 with high technical contents perfectly suited to military needs, original equipment watches with Miyota and Seiko movements and models professional divers with some limited edition numbered pieces.

M.E.C. military watches are subjected to rigorous and stringent effectiveness tests which confirm their functionality in extreme environmental conditions. They stand out for their solidity, sturdiness, reliability, practicality, ergonomics and precision.