Shopping guide

  • the prices displayed on the site are VAT included: VAT will be applied according to current, intra-community or international standards, as appropriate.
  • even before registering on the site, it will be possible for anyone to view the entire catalog of products and choose which products to buy and in what quantities.
  • shipments to Italy are always free.
  • shipping costs outside Italy are charged to the customer and vary according to destination. The shipping cost will be in the cart, will be added to the order total during the purchase process and will be charged at the time of payment. Nothing will be due to the courier upon delivery (except in the case of cash on delivery).
  • during the payment phase, users not yet registered will be asked to leave all the personal data necessary for the completion of the operation.
  • during the payment phase, the Customer will be asked which payment method he prefers to use.
  • at the end of the purchase, the customer will receive an email with the summary of the order just made.
  • a notification email will notify the customer when the courier picks up the product by starting the delivery phase.