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The brand M.E.C. is deposited in Geneva in 1956 by Giorgio Giovagnoni and distributed as European Common Market watch.
The brand avails oneself of a factories pool scattered to the four corners of the globe, which have among their customers brands of primary importance in watchmaking with an average high product processing.

M.E.C. began marketing its products in national watch-shops and jewelery as brand of traditional watches, always reserving a niche of its productions to the small market of military watches.

The Giorgio Giovagnoni Company based in Bologna, in the ‘70 began the Italian official distributor of FORTIS brand, known to connoisseurs to be a brand that makes the military watches and equipment for astronauts.

With the takeover of the company from father to son in the 90s, under the name Maurizio Giovagnoni Watches, strong of nearly half a century of experience, and following the fashion that requires clothing and accessories connected closely to the military world, we specialized producing a watches line specially designed in compliance with the military philosophy. They have a strong aesthetic impact, taking advantage of the generous size necessary for use with a service essential to the strength and readability for a free employment as required by a military instrument.

It was consequently made a collection of watches MEC (MILITARY EUROPEAN COMPANY) initially marketed only in their natural environment: Armouries and Military Store.
Once emphasized the brand and made known to the general public of fans who follow the evolution of watchmaking and are attentive to the traditions, the next step was the return to traditional channels, provided that still targeted productions are made for military corps.

The collection includes watches with manual winding mechanisms, quartz, only time, and automatic chronographs, with production of both Switzerland gauges with ETA, Valjoux 7750 by the high technical contents fully meet the military requirements, that the original equipment with movements Miyota and Seiko, models Professional divers plus some piece numbered limited edition.

If once the status of military watch was reserved for new editions of watches originally designed to equip the soldiers of the largest armies worldwide, today that same type of timepiece unites all those watches that offer the features related to the use military.

The M.E.C. watches are characterized by high quality materials and design studies intended to give the best in terms of functionality and precision resistance at the lowest possible price.

They’ve got: satin boxes to prevent light reflections reveal its position to the enemythey hands or the entire dial with luminous to ensure good reading time in the dark with cases, dials and oversized crowns for easy operation and readability under all conditions of use, crowns double o-ring and ride tightened screw, glasses of high thickness, additional devices useful for the field of use, such as the chronograph, the power reserve, the function 24 hours or compass.
Particular attention is paid to the materials of the straps that are in most products in Italy by artisan firms following very specific aesthetic dictates taking account of perspiration, water resistance and durability with double reinforced stitching and …. A look at the past.

The company, based in Casalecchio di Reno – Bologna, use expert connoisseurs always continuously explore new variations and in-depth studies of the details (maintaining their own style) careful finish increasingly the desires and needs of the end user , together with a pool of sellers with considerable experience in the watch industry military.
M.E.C. is present in qualified watchmaker’s shops and Jewellers , thanks to the constant information campaign accompanying the product.

M.E.C. Military European Company
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