AEREO Collection

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Among the most interesting military watches are the Airplane chronographs.

They were installed on the dashboard of fighter and reconnaissance aircraft, they were used to calculate the route in conjunction with the compass, measure flight times and time distances.

M.E.C. on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the brand, he wanted to revisit this iconic precision instrument, extrapolating its essence and transforming it into a wristwatch by creating the models – Aereo 60 °, Black Hawk and V.S.T.
The utmost attention has been paid not to alter its main features and to keep the charm intact with an original design (asymmetrical case) and faithful to its vintage style.

  • Miyota 6S21 analog quartz movement
  • 44.5 mm diameter steel / PVD Gun cases with crown and pushers with sealing o-ring at 12 o’clock
  • straps in coated fabric / waterproof Lorica
  • exclusive straps in neoprene and microfiber
  • waterproof breathable microfiber straps